When its time for a change

Why was it time for a change? If you’ve visited my site in the past few years you’ve noticed there’s been a change, a big change!

Over the past six months I met with a few colleagues getting some outside perspective of my portfolio site. The feedback was great except that there wasn’t a consistent perception of the goal of the site.

How can that happen to a UXer? I found it can be easy when your on a few projects that require a lot of focus and time. Throw in a family life and you find yourself walking in woods. I decided to start with a clean slate and keep the focus by the principle of simplicity.

So whats the Goal of the site? Its to show my passion and experience in the journey of my career. I am really fortunate do what what I love and am passionate about.

I have a list of topics and am looking forward to writing again and sharing learning experiences.

Thanks for reading